BiCSoM - ‘Blisscicpline in Creating Solutions Mindfully’

BiCSoM refers to ‘Blisscicpline in Creating Solutions Mindfully’. We at BiCSoM are a mix of true-blue rebels and planners. We love solving problems for humans and machines using digital technologies and feel happy committing our talent to design and code. We consult businesses, brands/startups, enterprise in their digital strategies which involves UX and UI, mobile application development, website development and cloud solutions.

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About BiCSoM Technologies

A story to start with...

Once upon a time in the year 2018, 2 individuals were planning to buid a product development venture which is based on the culture of mindfuness. With a combined expereince of 35+ man years in the digital product building industry, what they experienced was either the teams are wise or teams are compassionate on the problems which are being solved. But both these situations result in either a win-losse or lose-win situation for the team building the product or the team seeking the product to be built.

Both of them were clear that they need to come up with a product design and development venture a.k.a lab, which is built on the culture of mindfulness which is a balance of compassion and wisdom. Thereby resulting in a situation where both the teams who build the product and who seek to get the product built are happy. And thus BiCSoM was born in August, 2018.

Fast forward 2022, today we are a 15 people team serving our customers in 5 nations across India, Thailand, Singapore, UK and USA. We believe in creating growth stories for our customers either for their existing products or for a new idea or concept they have.

Something about Namma Bengaluru

Bengaluru is our base, and we believe the magic of design and technology awesomeness happens here.

We take pride in stating we are based out of the Silicon valley of India i.e. Bengaluru. The city where the future is made everyday in its by-lanes. The love for Bengaluru for our founder started way back in the 1990s with its mystic weather, warmth of the people and our Namma Bengaluru Filter Coffee, Anna Sambhar and the super soft Thatte Idlis.

Bengaluru in 2022
Bengaluru IT capital of India in the year 2022, shown in BiCSoM website

Bengaluru is meant for creating technology. It is the home for a major set of Unicorns in India. Product and idea discussions on design, technology are normal coffee table conversations which you can overhear in local Bengaluru cafes. And some strongly feel that apart from the smart and habile design and engineering talent Bengaluru has, it is one of the best places in India to party 🙂

We are growing and are always looking for mindful talent to be part of our team. If you think you like our story and want to create the future in digital. Then do check out some of the open positions we have in our lab.

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