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At BiCSoM we help Startups | SMEs | Enterprise build, revamp or maintain their digital products. We are the SWAT team that you need on UI/UX design, WordPress, Flutter, React.JS and Node.JS.

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How can we help you build or manage your Flutter applications, WordPress websites, UX designs or Node.JS solutions

Who we are and why we can help

1. We are crackerjacks and have been helping our clients solve mobile applications and websites specific design and development challenges since 2018.

2. We build lovable Flutter based mobile applications, effective Advanced WordPress websites, UX design for digital transformation, lovable UI designs(The design of our website is based on the design trend of Neubrutalism), REST API development and Scalable Cloud solutions for your new or existing products and ideas using Node.JS and Php.

3. We get results that matter to your business. We have helped our customers grow by 2x in revenue and 7x in user growth. We are highly regarded by some of the top startups, scale-ups and brands in India, South East Asia, UK and USA.

4. We are an expert team of designers, developers, testers and consultants. We work based on ‘structured collaborative dimension’ resulting in best use of human participation in product design and development.

5. You can discover more about us here

How can we help you today?

1. Hire us to design or develop your mobile application, Advanced WordPress website, solve UI/UX design challenges or build/maintain your Node.JS solutions

In the last four and half years we’ve have solved for 22+ global clients, using our mindful approach of design and development. Please read below how can we help you write your growth story:

1. Read our articles on mobile application development, website development, UI/UX designs to help you understand our depth on design and technology

2. We need to work together and it is good knowing about each other. Learn about us, and our unique values, beliefs and quirks

3. Explore how we can help you build, revamp or maintain high performing WordPress websites with our WordPress design and development services.

 4. Visit our UI/UX design services page to see the 6 different UI/UX services which we provide for designing of your digital products.

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6. Want to understand or learn about how did we solve design and development challenges  of our customers. We will be happy to share the case study based upon on request. Please schedule a FREE consultation to learn about a case study on how we helped reduce the website bounce rate of our customers by 40%. Or how we optimized technology architecture and achieved API response times of 60MS and less. Or how did we do a design transformation with our UX process to achieve a 2x NPS improvement for our customer’s mobile application.

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