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Design & development challenges of your business/ideas solved.

We partner with you in designing & developing lovable mobile applications & websites.

Bicsom is your digitization partner. We’re an innovation consultancy + technology product startup involved in building lovable mobile applications, responsive-websites, cloud solutions and UX/UI design solutions. We work with entrepreneurs, product experts, visionaries, problem solvers, thinkers, doers, individuals and teams from the world of Corporate, Enterprise, Brands, Startups, NGOs. Every product designed and developed at BiCSoM is built with heart & mind. We believe in making our products and solutions lovable. With a planned approach, proper task definitions & delegation we build solutions mindfully.

Our areas of expertise covers, Flutter based mobile application development on Android and iOS using Dart. Advanced WordPress based responsive website design and development. Expertise with Structured data on MySQL, Aurora, SQL, SQL Lite. Backend API development using Laravel, Lumen and Node.JS. Consulting and creating Cloud Solutions on Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud and Firebase, Microsoft Azure. We also design Cloud architecture, which helps our customers optimize their monthly infrastructure costs.

We offer our customers a 360 degree design service which is called ‘Flow’.  ‘Flow’ is a full-stack design service covering UX design & UI design. Flow covers, stakeholders interview, competitive product study, focus group research with NPS,  card-sorting, information architecture, user flow diagrams, low fidelity wireframes, high fidelity wireframes, mood-boards, visual-designs, prototyping, A/B testing resulting in continuous improvement in product design.

Design & technology support for every stage of your venture.


Awesomeness is a by-product of efforts to make things lovable

Flutter mobile apps
UI/UX design
WordPress websites
Cloud & Devops
Backend development
Vue.JS web apps



BiCSoM refers to ‘Blisscicpline in Creating Solutions Mindfully’. We at BiCSoM are a mix of true-blue rebels and planners. We love solving problems for humans and machines using digital technologies and feel happy committing our talent to design and code. We consult businesses, brands/startups, enterprise in their digital strategies which involves UX and UI, mobile application development, website development and cloud solutions.

Who we are

We are a mindful digital product development lab involved in offshore product development specific to Native Android and iOS application development, React-Native application development, Advanced WordPress based website design and development, UI/UX for digital products, Backend solutions and API development on Lumen and Laravel. Cloud based solutions on AWS, Google Cloud and Microsoft Azure. We work with Startups, Brands, Enterprise and create digital solutions for their business.

Our philosophy

Being a mindful digital product development lab, our philosophy is based on Experience, Experiment and Affirmation. Be life, design or development, this philosophy of ours is the guiding force which helps us solve and create solutions. Experience helps us learn from the past, based on this learning we perform experiments and observe the results and outcomes of the experiments. Based on the outcome of various experiments we can affirm which approach worked and which did not and implement the right solution.

How we work

We work based on ‘structured collaborative dimension’. Product design/development activity is a knowledge-intense activity influenced by various stake holders and the decisions taken during product creation affects each stake holder. Collaborative decisions taken by stake holders needs to be shared and recorded resulting in positive communication environment. By using tools like Clickup, Bi-weekly sync-ups, Slack , Zeplin, Miro, BitBucket we make sure the collaborative dimension of product development is structured.

What Clients Say.

fantastic End to end product development experience

We had fantastic experience of getting our enter app developed by BiCSOM. It was great working with BiCSOM team, who have did the entire app solution covering UX design, cloud architecture, API development and mobile app development. In span of 9 months of our app being launched we registered a 5x growth in our active users base and 2x growth in revenue.

from the chairman of one of the leading mindful organisation of India .