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User Experience Design


UX design is vital for an awesome experience while using a digital product. At BiCSoM we follow a 5 phase methodology which we call as ‘Flow’ for our design process. Lots of us think that UX is UI and it only refers to wireframe and visual design. UX design certainly involve these 2 activities  but these 2 are only at the surface layer of the UX process. To understand UX design better let us read aloud the word ‘User experience’ again. If you noticed the two words themselves describes its meaning, user + experience, meaning activities which needs to be done to get in-depth understanding of what will the user experience or how we want the user to feel and experience while the user performs various activities in our digital product.

When designing a product for the end user, we at BiCSoM just do not design a product, we design experiences. To design an awesome experience, our  focus during phase 1 is to understand the vision of our customer or the product manager, which we do via Stake holder’s interview, Lego modeling and business model canvas. After this in phase 2 we do the comparative study of 3 existing products and based on the findings engage with a group of 10 target users with whom we do the User research as direct interviews with NPS system. Once this is done we get going with creation of user persona, we do the card sorting and start our work on creating the user flow diagrams. Post this as part of our phase 3 we start working on high fidelity wireframes based on the details from previous 2 phases. In phase 4 we start the work on 2 mood boards and do 3 screen designs  based on the agreed mood board, in this step the designs are shown to the identified target user group and feedbacks are incorporated in the 3 screen design. After all this in phase 5 we start working on the complete design and deliver the screens and visuals required for the complete solution. This phase is extremely iterative with continuous interaction with target user group, so that there is no gap between the experiences planned and the feeling and emotions of the user while doing various activities with our digital product.



Design process


1 January 2019


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