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Shortjobs – empowering gig economy

We take pride ins sharing we have helped hundreds of talent across India get jobs during pandemic period. Our customer Shortjobs.in wanted to do something which could help people who have lost jobs due to pandemic get opportunities and earn a living.

The team came up with a plan to quickly role out a gig economy web portal in 6 weeks and sprinkle some water on the issue of job loss due to pandemic. Shortjobs today has been actively discussed and talked about in various media articles about how it is helping people who have lost an opportunity to bounce back.

Some of the key features of Shortjobs.in

  1. Employee or Employer authentication login
  2. Subscription plans for employees and employer
  3. Search talent pool
  4. Search opportunities
  5. CV feature – take experts help to create CV
  6. Payment gateway integration
  7. Email notification
  8. Analytics
  9. Dashboard for employers